No Fault Reform – Increased Liability Exposure

You’ve made it! Welcome to the final installment of our No Fault Reform series.  

We mentioned earlier that there is likely to be a lot more legal activity with this new law and we all have an increased exposure. We could injure someone in a car accident who has little or no medical coverage and they can sue us. Now, more than ever, it is important to carry high liability limits on your auto policy as well as high umbrella limits.

An example could be that you critically injure a young person in an intersection. They have no health insurance and they opted for a $250,000 medical limit on their car insurance policy. With medical bills of $2,750,000, they come after you for the balance.  Would you have the liability limits to cover that?  

The case could also be that you are injured in an auto accident and don’t have adequate medical coverage – based on our own personal injury protection selection and health insurance coverage.  For this reason, un and underinsured motorist coverage is more important than ever as well.

An example would be you’re critically injured by someone who was texting and driving.  To save some money you opted for a $250,000 medical limit on your own auto policy. Your bills are $965,000.  You attempt to sue the at-fault party to recoup your costs, but find out they carried only $100,000 in liability coverage and they have no assets and make minimum wage. There’s nothing to collect against, so you turn to your own auto insurance policy under the uninsured motorists provision.  Are your limits high enough to pay those bills?

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