Michigan No Fault Reform – An Introduction

As you may have heard in the news or in discussion with friends and colleagues there are some changes coming this summer that will affect your coverage, namely your right to choose medical coverage limits.

 Today we’ll briefly cover the basics.

Effectively, what has changed is that for your car insurance renewal after July 2, 2020 you will have the option to pick a medical coverage limit, whereas you’ve only been given an unlimited option since 1973.  There were some changes (a reduction, actually) to the available bodily injury liability limits available as well, which will not affect most Brouwers Agency clients.

We’ll get into the details over the next couple blog posts.

At the Brouwers Agency we pride ourselves not only on great service and competitive pricing, but also on our industry knowledge.  We’re prepared for this change and we are excited to walk with you through the transition.

You can view the next part in this series here: https://www.brouwersagency.com/no-fault-reform-pip-options/

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