Michigan Auto Insurance – Types of Collision

When it comes to buying auto insurance a lot of people simply know they want “PLPD” or “Full Coverage.”  Full coverage generally refers to a Michigan car insurance policy that has both liability coverage and coverage for physical damage to the car itself.  What a lot of people don’t know is that you have options when it comes to what type of collision coverage you purchase:

  1. Broad Collision – also known as broad form collision or broadened collision.  With this option you only pay the deductible when you are AT-fault.  If the collision is not your fault you pay nothing.
  2. Regular Collision – also known as basic or standard collision.  This means you pay the deductible whether or not you are at fault.  Even if someone rear-ends you, you pay the deductible.
  3. Limited Collision – this means you only have coverage if the accident was not your fault.  If you hit someone and it’s deemed your fault you have NO coverage.

As you can see there huge differences in coverage and what you’ve chosen will have a big impact when it comes time to make a claim.  If you’re curious about what coverage you have or if you would like to talk about changing your coverage, please contact The Brouwers Agency today at 1(866)359-0970!

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