Amazon Flex Auto Insurance

Just this week our agency was confronted with yet another transportation network company question:

If I drive for Amazon Flex, will my insurance policy cover me??

The answer with 99% of insurance companies is a flat, 100%, no.  Much like our previous discussions on Shipt and Uber, this comes down to an exclusion pertaining to the use of your vehicle to transport people or goods for a fee. This exclusion exists in every Michigan personal auto insurance policy I’ve ever read.

Note, I said personal, not commercial.  For the longest time the only way to get around this exclusion was to purchase a commercial auto policy.  This policy would be rated like a taxi or trucking service and thus was very very expensive!

But, as with all things, the insurance industry is adapting to change and it’s involvement in the sharing economy is no exception.  At The Brouwers Agency we have several companies who will cover Uber and Lyft exposures, but WILL NOT cover Amazon Flex.  Even within our industry, not all companies are the same.

But, luckily for clients of The Brouwers Agency we represent many different companies and we received word today that Amazon Flex is acceptable under the transportation network endorsement (aka: additional coverage) with one of our insurance companies.

Bottom line: if you’re driving for Uber, Lyft, Shipt, or now Amazon Flex, you aren’t covered by a standard personal auto policy.  You need to talk to your agent about your activities, and here at The Brouwers Agency we can take care of you!

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